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Welcome to our website. if you have been looking for the best hypnotherapist, we have been providing professional hypnotherapy and NLP across Derby, Nottingham and much further for 12 years. We are the area’s most dynamic yet caring therapy clinic. Clinical hypnotherapist Garry has built an excellent reputation over the past 12 years practice in and around the Derbyshire and Nottingham area, and this is due to the fact that we offer MORE than other therapists. Our training far exceeds the 450 hours most (not even that for some!) other therapists train for. As a trained hypno-psychotherapist i have considerably more training than just a hypnotherapist.

For these reasons and more, we are now able to expand and reach out to a much broader coverage over the East Midlands. Thank you all for your continued support in helping us to do this. Call TODAY and see why we have such great reviews on our service.





Offices now at Ripley & Shirebrook

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Rest assured YOU come first at Ripley Hypnotherapy, your success is our success! You are in safe hands as we are members of the CNHC (Dept. of Health recommended) and the NCH. Come and find out why more and more people are choosing us to help them get the life they want! Look around and see what we offer when compared to other therapists -longer hours, longer FREE consultations and quality therapy means better results.

We can help with hypnotherapy in Derby, with anxiety and panic , stop smoking  hypnotherapy weight loss Derby and much more. Whatever your issues, see if we can help!

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We are within easy reach of the M1 and A38. To book an appointment or a consultation get in touch.

We focus on solutions not problems! No matter how long your issue has bothered you call and see how we can help. Although you should never fear hypnosis, here at  Hypnotherapy Derby we offer other services, you can be assured Garry is a trained Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Psychotherapist, is trained in counselling techniques and is also a certified Ericksonian Practitioner.

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So what is hypnosis?

No swinging watches,  no loss of control, no sleep, no getting ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic trance state. The best way to describe hypnosis is to see it as a way to change the way you think, or to re train your brain to see things differently. When you start to think differently you start to feel differently and then act differently. Hypnosis is an amazing feat of human nature, we are all capable of so much more than we currently do!

There are four levels of brain wave activity, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. The top level, Beta, is complete consciousness and the deepest level, Delta, is deep unconscious sleep. The light relaxed state of Alpha is all that is necessary to achieve in order to make behavior changes.This is why most people do not think they are “hypnotized” because we have all been misled as to what hypnosis really is. There is no blindly following instructions, its just you in an altered state of awareness, which facilitates change more easily.So there we can rule out one of the public’s main fears about hypnosis – you ARE still in control, no one is automatically able to control you to do ANYTHING you don’t want to. You cant get stuck in hypnosis, just like you cant get stuck in a day dream. And you wont be expected to eat an onion and enjoy it like an apple- unless you want to!! Im a clinical hypnotist not a stage hypnotist.

So now we come to hypnotherapy. In hypnotherapy we use the power of  the mind, the full power that is. You can imagine the mind as an iceberg, only the tip shows(this is all we actually know and remember)- beneath the surface is the unconscious mind (this part is hidden, but contains all the important memories and knowledge we have EVER seen). The sub-conscious mind is a massive resource of both trouble, but equally- solutions. A ‘trance state’ may not be what you are thinking. These ‘trance’ states occur everday, we just dont know it as that. Often a doctor or other health professional might recommend you to me, as a means to an end. That is for example.. to enable you to overcome your fear of the dentist, or to help you stop smoking- two classic example’s of the power of hypnotherapy.

You may or may not realize you have even entered a different state at all. Many clients do not even think they have been hypnotized! The point is that changes do start to occur, even if you dont actually remember what was said to instigate the change.Your mind is the most powerful tool known to man, and with the right guidance there is not much that Hypnotherapy cannot help with. Hypnotherapy is a low cost, quick*, non-invasive, and comfortable method of treatment.

You should see therapy as being about strength NOT weakness! Knowledge is power and learning more about yoursel and your own capabilities is a skill we all need to use more.

* In terms of counselling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), and other forms of therapy hypnosis is very quick and therefore much more cost effective.

Top Tips on choosing a therapist

Here are our top tips that you should look for when choosing a reputable hypnotherapist.

1) Are they suitably qualified?

Did you know you can spend a couple of hundred pounds, ‘study’ for a few hours and some unreputable places will give you a certificate saying you are a qualified hypnotherapist. This needs stopping and the public need to know that the person they are putting their trust in can really help. My training is done at masters level, and is probably the most complete and thorough training on offer.

2) Do they partake in CPD?

I have to undertake regular CPD (continued professional development) as part of my membership of the organisations listed on this page. This is for the publics benefit, so that you – the client, can be sure of receiving treatment that is completely up to date as far as quality and ethics go.

3) Are they members of the CNHC?

The department of health recommend that when choosing a complementary therapist, you choose one that is a member of the CNHC. – complementary and natural healthcare council. To be a member of the CNHC you have to be trained to an adequate level, you have to provide copies of your insurance policy but mostly, the CNHC is there to check a therapist out for you.

4) Are they CRB checked?

I have a current CRB (criminal records bureau) certificate which is clear, and enables me to work with younger people.

5) Are they properly registered/insured?

I belong to the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy ) and the CNHC, which gives you, more assurance as to my credentials.

6) Does it seem too good to be true?

Some therapists seem to offer treatment/prices that are seemingly extremely cheap – my advice is, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

7) Are they working towards full government legislation to ensure ALL hypnotherapists are adequately trained and registered?

I tick all the above boxes, and you should always check that you are seeing a registered, qualified professional with excellent ethics, and who puts your needs well above their own.

I am always available for a FREE consultation, so get in touch and see how hypnosis can help you. Call 07428 590066

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